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Welcome to! We are a community of historians, both academic and amateur, working to craft a definitive encyclopedia of Phoenix's past. Established in April 2005, this site currently contains 146 articles. It is freely editable, and we'd love to have you contribute any knowledge you may have or edit any of the many pages already started. There's so much to do and we need your help to make this the best resource on Phoenix history on the Web.

Phoenix History By Period


Timeline By Year - Timeline By Decade

The Hohokam Period

The Hohokam - Ancient Canals - Archaeological Sites - Pueblo Grande

Early Explorations

Father Kino - Mountain Men - Railroad Surveys - U.S. Army

Early Settlement (1866-1871)

Jack Swilling - John YT Smith - William A. Hancock - Original Townsite - Incorporation

Territorial Era (1871-1912)

Expansion - Newspapers - Boosterism - Territorial Capital - Statehood - Elections

Pre-World War II (1912-1941)

Wartime Phoenix (1941-1946)

Post-War Boom (1946-1959)

Explosive Growth (1960-1979)

Contemporary Phoenix (1980- )

Phoenix History By Topics

Entrepreneurial Phoenix

Minorities in Phoenix

Phoenix and the Railroads

Phoenix Politics

Unslakable Phoenix

Urban Sprawl

Phoenix History By City






Cave Creek